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At Srisudha Consultancy, our commitment is to provide top-notch service and tailored solutions, ensuring your business thrives in today's competitive landscape.

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Welcome to Srisudha Consultancy., where we strive to deliver unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions, and exceptional service to empower businesses across various industries. As a trusted partner, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and drive sustainable growth. Discover the Srisudha Consultancy difference today.

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Comprehensive Diagnosis Analysis

Thorough Insight, Targeted Solutions

Legal Compliance Scan

Streamline Compliance, Protect Your Business with Srisudha Consultancy's Legal Compliance Scan

Tax Compliance & Strategy

Navigate Tax Regulations with Confidence: Srisudha Consultancy's Tax Compliance & Strategy Solutions

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Comprehensive Diagnosis Analysis

*Unlocking Business Potential

A comprehensive diagnosis analysis is essential for business growth. At Srisudha Consultancy, our expert team evaluates your organization's operations, finances, and performance to identify opportunities and risks. By pinpointing areas for improvement, we help you capitalize on opportunities, optimize processes, and ensure sustainable success.

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Legal Compliance Scan

*Safeguarding Your Business

Navigating the complexities of legal compliance can be challenging, but it is crucial for the success and reputation of your business. At Srisudha Consultancy, we offer a comprehensive Legal Compliance Scan to ensure your organization adheres to all relevant regulations and requirements.

Not Given

Tax Compliance & Strategy

*Maximizing Your Business Potential

Managing tax compliance can be complex and time-consuming, but it is critical for the success of your business. At Srisudha Consultancy, we offer expert guidance and support to help you navigate tax regulations and optimize your tax strategy.


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Empowering Your Business with the Expertise of Srisudha Consultancy’s Great Team of CA and CMA Professionals

CA Sreenivasa Rao

Founder & MD

CMA Rajesh Kumar Mantry

Business & Management Consultant

CA Shivasri Rajah

Audit & Tax Consultant

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